We've recently upgraded our Church Management system to "REALM". This new technology will enable us to better manage the various ministry aspects of our church! 
So, what does this mean for you? Great question!
Realm offers..
- An online church directory (you will need to edit your privacy settings by creating an account)
- Track your giving 
- Stay informed of information by downloading the "Realm Connect App" and enabling push notifications on your mobile device.
- Find and connect in community life groups (coming soon)
- Secure document storage and resources for CLG's (coming soon)
How do you setup your account and take advantage of all that Realm offers?
1.) We've sent out an invite to "REALM" for everyone that has given us their email address. You should have received this invite by now. Open the email and follow the instructions to complete the setup process. If you have not received an email invite, please click  HERE  to let us know and we will get you setup. 
2.) Once logged in please update your information for all of your family to include phone, emails, DOB, etc.
3.) If there are any blank areas/fields on your account, please update them.
4.) Add a profile picture
- Realm will request two forms of id:  phone number and DOB.  If that information is correct, you will be able to view your information and update accordingly.
- If the system doesn't recognize any of this information, you will need to contact Brett ([email protected]) to complete the setup of your account.
- Two individuals cannot have the same email address in the system.  It will default to the primary members for the email address.
- Click  HERE  to access the congregants user guide. The congregants guide offers an overview and detailed instructions on the various features of Realm. 

Is the member site secure? 
Yes. It's a secure site supported through ACS Technologies, largest developer of church management software in the industry. ACS uses secure 128 bit encrypted transmission technology. If you log in through our website, you are equally protected. 

Who can see my information? 
That depends on the privacy settings that you setup. Still Water staff will be able to see all of your information, however, other members will only be able to see what you allow them to see. You can edit your settings by clicking on "manage privacy" at the top right of the screen.  

Is this private? 
Yes. Only you and authorized Still Water Community Church members can access the Still Water database.

Will everyone see my giving history? 

No. Only you and authorized Still Water STAFF can view giving history

How do I update my personal information? 
In the I Want to View section, go to My Complete Profile and click Edit at upper right. For more info, view the congregant guide. 

How do I add pictures? 

We encourage you to add pictures to help the staff and others know who you are. Pictures must be jpg format, no larger than 4 MB, pre-cropped to 180 x 150 pixels using a picture editor ( is free), appropriate for a church directory, and up close enough to clearly see your face (no sunglasses). Individual picture - only you. Family picture - only family members living with you. To add pictures - in I Want to View section, go to My Complete Profile and click the Edit button at upper right, then click boxes in the upper right corner: for individual, choose Picture; for family, choose Family. 

What if I forget my password? 
On the Realm login screen, click "Forgot your password" to have a temporary one emailed to you. You'll need to know your username. The temporary password expires with 24 hours of requesting it, so if it expires before you can log in with it, you'll need to request another one. Also, the first time you log in using the new temporary password you'll be asked to change it before you can proceed. 

Can I change my password? 
Yes. Under Home select My Personal Preferences and choose Change My Password. The new password will take effect immediately. 

We look forward to launching many more features that REALM has to offer in the future! Please let us know if you experience any issues or if you have any questions about this new resource!